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Cathy Maloney,
BCC Chairperson
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I have been involved with the BCC since the earliest of days (I’m not even sure when I started).  Through my own life experiences, I know that education is the ticket to a better life. 


By assisting parents with small children to build a solid foundation, I am doing a service for the teachers that do such important work.  If a child is nurtured, developed and coached or mentored they become a contributing part of their society at an early age, they are willing to learn when they get to school and will be giving themselves an opportunity for a better life. 


By  providing positive proactive measures at an early age, we avoid reactive reform at a later age.  This is a winning contribution that I am willing to devote lots of love and efforts to.

Cass Weber,
Butte Community Council Coordinator

I am so excited to have come on board as the Butte Community Council Coordinator. The work the BCC has been doing for Butte is inspiring and has made a measurable impact on our community. I hope to continue to help this council contribute to the well-being of Butte-Silver Bow. 

I am very impressed by the collaboration the BCC has fostered. There are so many people coming together from different organizations, businesses and backgrounds to do the work needed to take care of the children and families in our community. With the high energy around new projects and the continuation of all the successes of the past I hope to watch the BCC's work grow and continue to improve the lives of those living in Butte America.